Genetox Expert Alerts Suite

Genetox Expert Alerts Suite

Exper Rule-based System Designed to Support the ICH M7 Guideline on Impurities

Version 7


The Leadscope Expert Alerts Suite is an expert rule-based system designed to address the needs of regulators and bio-pharmaceutical scientists responsible for implementing the ICH M7 guideline. The alert knowledge base was built using a quantitative assessment of publicly-cited alerts from a large database of Ames assay testing results.


  • Everything included for ICH M7 submission
  • Best performing validated models
  • Same call as Regulatory Agencies
  • Virtually no training, easy to use

Leadscope Expert Alerts v7 Features - Alerts

  • Alert knowledge base built from publicly cited alerts and knowledge derived from public and proprietary databases
  • Confidence score for each alert provided with each positive or negative call
  • Predictions only made for compounds within the domain of applicability
  • Provides access to citations, mechanisms, and all examples with full study reports
Download the latest white paper detailing the Genetox Expert Alerts Suite