Drugs Genetox Database**

Drugs Genetox Database**

Rapidly access genetic toxicity data for drug-like chemicals


The Drugs Genetox Database is a high quality genetic toxicity source that contains drug-like chemical substances


  • Includes 594 drugs and drug products with detailed genetic toxicity test data (16,419 tests).
  • Genetic toxicity information extracted from pharmacological reviews contained in New Drug Application (NDA) reviews and other memos on the following endpoints:
    • bacterial mutagenesis tests
    • In vitro mammalian mutagenesis tests
    • In vitro chromosome aberration tests
    • In vivo chromosome aberration tests
    • n vivo micronucleus tests
  • The compounds overlap with the CDER Chronic/ Subchronic database
  • Access to the raw data in SD and XML file formats, using the public ToxML controlled vocabulary


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