SAR Genetox Database

SAR Genetox Database
One-year license

A comprehensive genetic toxicity database


The SAR Genetox Database is a comprehensive high quality genetic toxicity database with validated chemical structures to be used as a resource for preparing training sets for predictive systems creation.

Of the available databases, Leadscope's flagship database products are the SAR Genetox and SAR Carcinogenicity databases. The SAR databases contain additional structure forms and endpoint data that are ready for use in building predictive systems. The derivation of the SAR structure forms involves the analysis across all of the various salt forms that have been tested and their respective toxicity data in order to derive an overall endpoint call for the active/primary portion of the chemical compound. The SAR Genetox database contains 8,451 such SAR structures.

Data Sources

The database includes 11,028 compounds with 179,732 test results from the following sources:
  • FDA CDER NDA (new drug approval), FDA CFSAN FCN (food contact notification),
  • NTP, CCRIS, and other primary data sources


  • Structures confirmed for accuracy
  • Provides structures in SAR, neutral and tested forms
  • Includes explicit test protocols to judge the reliability of studies and calls
  • Provides compound-level calls for 46 genetic toxicity endpoints, including:
    • 33 bacterial mutagenesis endpoints
    • 4 in vitro mammalian mutagenesis endpoints
    • 5 vitro chromosome aberration endpoints
    • 6 in vivo micronucleus endpoints
  • Call conflicts resolved with FDA consultation


    The SAR Genetox Database requires one of the Leadscope applications listed below.