Food Safety Repro-Developmental Database***

Food Safety Repro-Developmental Database***

Rapidly access reproductive and developmental toxicity data


The Food Safety Repro-Developmental Database is a comprehensive, high quality database containing reproductive and developmental studies


  • Includes 312 direct and indirect food ingredients with tests on rats, rabbits, etc. (1,062 tests).
  • Toxicity information source includes PAFA (Priority-based Assessment of Food Additives) and FCNs (Food Contact Notifications) with the following results:
    • Maternal toxicity
      • fertility
      • functional toxicity
      • reproductive toxicity
    • Offspring toxicity
      • survival
      • growth toxicity
      • functional toxicity
      • morphology
    • LOEL or NOEL specified with critical effects.
  • Access to the raw data in SD and XML file formats, using the public ToxML controlled vocabulary.


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