Marketed Drugs Database**

Marketed Drugs Database**

Rapidly access marketed drugs data


The Marketed Drugs Database is comprised of historical marketed drug records from FDA and other government agencies and includes chemical structures for drug products and the parent compounds of the active ingredients along with their therapeutic indications.


  • The database includes 7,813 drugs, drug products and related information from the following sources:
    • Drugs@FDA, FDA Orange Book, National Drug Code Directory, Physician?s Desk Reference*, NLM Medical Subject Heading
  • Supplemental information from the National Library of Medicine?s (NLM) Medical Subject Headings for:
    • Molecular Mechanisms of Action
    • Therapeutic Uses
  • Access to the structure files and links to related structures
    • Drug product compound records
    • Parent compound records
* The PDR citations were compiled by the FDA CDER ICSAS group.


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