Leadscope Hosted

Leadscope Hosted

Collaborative Leadscope solution with the benefits of an enterprise product and none of the costs


Leadscope Hosted is a quick to implement, shared chemoinformatics platform intended for workgroups and small companies.


  • Access to extensive databases (such as the Leadscope Toxicity Database) from a remotely hosted server
  • Different ways of grouping sets of chemical structures including:
    • A chemical feature classification based on over 27,000 medicinal chemistry building blocks
    • Recursive partitioning with simulated annealing (a technique for identifying active classes)
    • Structure-based clustering
    • Scaffolding
  • Subsetting methods
  • User-defined alerts
  • Structure-based searching (such as substructure or similarity)
  • Load up to 500,000 chemical compounds


  • Windows 7,8,10
  • minimum 1 GHz processor
  • minimum 1 GB available RAM
  • minimum 10 GB disk space