Non-human Developmental Toxicity Suite*

Non-human Developmental Toxicity Suite*

Statistical models designed to support developmental toxicity prioritization in the regulatory decision-making process.


The Developmental Toxicity Statistical Model Suite includes the following endpoints:

Model EndpointRodent CompositeRatMouseRabbit
Structural dysmorphogenesisyesyesyesyes
Visceral dysmorphogenesisyesyesyes
Fetal growth retardationyesyesyesyes
Fetal weight decreaseyesyesyesyes
Fetal survival: fetal deathyesyesyesyes
Fetal survival: post-implantation lossyesyesyesyes
Fetal survival: pre-implantation lossyesyesyesyes

Applicability domain defined by nearest neighbor analysis - explicit comparison of structural feature representations and coverage of test sets vs. the model

Leadscope Model Applier Software Features

  • Stand-alone product with read-only models
  • Test structures entered in SMILES or MOL/SDF formats
  • Batch predictions


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with a minimum 1.0GHz processor, a minimum of 1.0 GB of available memory, and a minimum of 10 GB of available disk space